The Whole Loaf

“The idea of sliced bread may be startling to some people”

The world as we know it was invented in 1928. Seriously! Can you imagine a world without those charming, uniform slices of fluff? A world where toast isn’t quite thin, and sandwich halves never quite match? Where you have to do the work yourself?

Nope, neither can I. But as I begin trying to make a home for my own family, I’m becoming more and more interested in what I’m feeding them (and myself, for that matter), what I’m clothing them in, what I’m feathering this little nest with. And I want to get closer and closer to the heart, the beginning of things, to the earth. Closer to the gifts that God flowered his creation with. I want to imitate Him and craft things out of them with my own hands. And above all, I want to make some really neat stuff for very little money! I’ve decided to go on an adventure, and make a bunch of crazy junk I could much more easily purchase (provided, of course, I had the cash) just for the sheer delight of saying, “See, look what I made!”

So, here, keep on reading and I will keep showing you what I made — and how! So let’s revel, for a moment, in taking the long way home. Let’s get our hands messy just for the fun of it, since modern life has gotten so desperately sanitary. Let’s feel the grains in our hands and, instead of taking apart tidy pieces, let’s make the parts into one.

Because the loaf of bread is one, we, though many, are one bodyfor we all partake of the one loaf.”

Happy Corpus Christi. Let’s feast!

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