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Faux tin ceiling = diy kitchen backsplash?

Sorry for the brief hiatus — life has been crazy here as my husband has been finishing his certification classes and preparing to teach Middle School, and my semester of grad school is beginning. I took the plunge and took the advice of my new department and decided to “go paperless”: I bought a Nook e-reader. But now I’m out of cash, so I’m trying to cobble together a cheap and charming and toddler-proof case for it. More on that to come….

In the meantime, though, I’ve been running my brain and the blog circuit trying to come up with cute ways to fix up our truly hideous, 1970’s rental kitchen. It’s got “good bones,” as they say (despite the wooden castle-tooth border pasted all around the cabinets to frame the window over the sink! shoot me now). But I can’t do much to it, since it’s a rental and even if we got permission we don’t exactly have the capital. What’s really been killing me is the chipped, stained laminate countertop, for which I’ve been toying with the idea of covering it with a double-stick-taped cork roll (faux-eco, you know) but haven’t bought that bullet yet.

The other thing, which would be more fun than function, really, is a cute backsplash. The window comes down low over the sink so there’s not really any “splash” involved , but it would be nice to jazz things up a bit. I’m hesitant at this idea, since the cupboards are so busy (picture little John Cleeses popping out of the woodwork and shouting in miniature voices, “Kaaaa-niggget!“) but I’m in love with this paintable Ceiling Tiles Wallpaper that I saw at Lowe’s. It’s even better in person! Fuzzy and kind of squishy — perhaps not kitchen-practical, but too good to resist. Just paint up some kind of waterproof/stainproof glaze on top and, Prest-o, Change-o! Kitchen with a hot tin …wall. Beeutiful!


Maybe on our next kitchen?

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2 thoughts on “Faux tin ceiling = diy kitchen backsplash?

  1. I love the tin look. I helped Mike put in a Tin ceiling at a house in Ohio. It looked cool!

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