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Earring Holder Masterpiece

Tired of keeping your earrings mashed together in a pile at the bottom of your jewelry box? Hate those plasticky “earring trees” from the store? Create a work of art to frame your paired beauties!

This is a fun one for people who like small cross-stitch or embroidery projects, but don’t have enough patience to finish something elaborate! Here’s your shopping list:

  • Cross-stitch fabric (a bit bigger than your frame, obviously)
  • Embroidery thread (optional)
  • Wooden frame (Hobby Lobby is perfect for these — browse aisles of glass- and backing-free wood frames ready for fun!)
  • Staple gun, loaded

Note that the cross-stitching/embroidery is completely optional. My original plan, for instance, was to create a frame-inside-the-frame, but since the wood frame I found was so beautiful, and my patience with cross-stitchery is not abundant, I settled for a border on the top and bottom. But frankly, it would be fantastic and much quicker without any at all. But, if you want to add an extra-personal touch, follow in my footsteps. (If not, skip to step 4.)

  1. Google or search your old-fashioned paper stores to find a pattern you want to cross-stitch or embroider
  2. Measure the inside of your frame to determine how much pattern you’ll need to stitch, then place in your fave stitching frame and have at it
  3. Measure carefully, from top to bottom of frame, to repeat bottom border
  4. Once you’ve done all you want to do on the fabric, turn your frame face-down on a table, carefully press the fabric into the groove of the back of the frame (where the glass would go) at the top, then staple the sucker down
  5. Repeat down one side, then the other, and finish with the bottom, being careful throughout to pull the fabric tight and maintain appropriate tension

That’s it! I’d say the trickiest part is making sure you keep the fabric tight as you’re stapling, without warping it too badly or leaving lumpy gaps, but if you’re careful as you go it shouldn’t be a big problem. I got it fine enough for hanging on my first try. A bit of asymmetry is part of the charm of homemade!

And, if you’re anxious about how long this thing might hold up, I made this in high school, and these pictures are from a few weeks ago. And that’s with — oh goodness, I don’t even want to count how many times it’s been packed and moved through college and single and married life! The tension is a little lax compared to its original state, but hardly noticeable.

So, if you’ve been scratching your brain over that last-minute gift for that girlfriend who has everything — I’ll bet she doesn’t have one of these. Or, at least, not one that might be at home in your personal art gallery!

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