The Whole Loaf


I’m Amy, a wife and a mother of two, a Catholic convert and a perpetual student (getting a PhD in English Lit) recently transplanted back to my heartland of Texas. As a newly-hatched grown-up I’m hoping to make things new for my family and order my home to point towards love, fruitfulness, and the God who Is all these things.

Now, why “The Whole Loaf”? With all the gifts of our modern age, we often find ourselves living a fragmented life. There are a growing number of people these days who are looking to get back to the origins of things — people into whole foods, local resources, personal business, handmade and homemade goods; people who are “green,” “crunchy,” “cheap” … (oh! I mean “frugal” ;) or who just plain defy categories. So with this blog, I want to try to mine the forgotten resources of a time, not too long ago, when there was legitimate concern that “the idea of sliced bread may be startling to some people.”


Have any questions, concerns, complaints? Requests? Feel free to email me or hit that charming “Contact Me” button on the side. Enjoy your time here, and God bless you!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mary McBride on said:

    Love your “Blog” Amy. And I will try your Banana Bread but probably NOT your shampoo. I’m too old & lazy for that! Proud of you – and your writing skills. Love you

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